Friday, March 2, 2012

Thankful – Wk9

It’s all the little every day things that make life so extraordinary and this year I want to make sure I am appreciating and focusing more on them. In an effort to remember to slow down, let the little things go, and enjoy every moment of this life I am going to share what I’ve been thankful for each week.

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This week I’m thankful for …

    • The new opportunities beginning for me!
    • The amazing people I met at my last job … and the fact that I’ve been able to use some of them for references
    • My wonderful stylist and the fact that she got me in this week, on short notice, for a much overdo hair cut … and for spending an hour relaxing in her chair chatting! {Bonus – she gives THE BEST scalp massages, including the neck, during shampooing!!!}
    • Registering for races :) {ahem … CIM … ahem}
    • Chatting with the husband about our future and our goals, dreams, and aspirations
    • Being brave and going out for a pre-dawn run solo
    • My ever growing family (two new cousins born recently back east, one on leap day!) … near and far, always in my heart

Last week was the 8th week of thankful posts and I love that you guys have been sharing some of the things you are thankful for in the comments. Recently I discovered a new blog, Beth’s Journey, that I’ve been really enjoying reading through. While I was reading through the older recent posts I found THIS POST about the #1 Happiness Trick from Health Magazine:

Once a week write down five things you’re grateful for - “People who did this for nine weeks … felt happier and healthier. Plus … the more gratitude you fell, the less sensitive you are to perceived slights. ‘Counting your blessings helps you empathize’ … likely result: you’ll sweat the small stuff less and focus on what really matters.”

I knew there was a reason I felt compelled to do these posts each week! All week long I think about all the little things in life that bring me joy and happiness and it really transforms my mood and outlook :)




What are you thankful for this week?


Darlene said...

My ankle is healing...

RainStorm said...

I'm thankful for feeling healthy and refreshed, for friends who seem to enjoy helping me out with difficult tasks and time to myself to recharge my batteries. It's good to pause and remind ourselves of these things :)

Suz and Allan said...

I'm always thankful for my health and this week I'm especially thankful for our safety after the tornadoes came through yesterday.