Friday, March 9, 2012

Thankful – Wk10

It’s all the little every day things that make life so extraordinary and this year I want to make sure I am appreciating and focusing more on them. In an effort to remember to slow down, let the little things go, and enjoy every moment of this life I am going to share what I’ve been thankful for each week.

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This week I’m thankful for …

    • My father-in-law … he came to our assistance again last weekend by helping the husband fix our lawnmower on Saturday afternoon and then helping him build a dog house for Lucy on Sunday afternoon :)
    • My local running community and seeing so many familiar faces at the 5k last weekend
    • My supportive family … all the parents {mine and the husband’s} and my SIL checked in on me after my first day at my new job to see how it went, and I got a super sweet card in the mail from my cousin :)
    • The husband’s help this week around the house while I adjust to going back to work
    • My motivation to get out of bed super early to get in my workouts before work … and I’m hoping it continues!
    • MY NEW JOB and all the people I’ve met there so far … everyone has been very welcoming and helpful :)
    • The warm wishes of congratulations from my fellow bloggy buddies :)

What are you thankful for this week?


ajh said...

Ahh I love hearing that all your extended family checked to see how your job went. That is so nice. You are lucky!

christa said...

Glad all is going well! Family is awesome

RainStorm said...

I love these posts :)

I'm thankful for:
- wonderful work colleagues who help you out
- having a Friday evening giggle with the girls (them work colleagues again!)
- sunshine
- yummy roast dinners