Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Hi friends!  It’s almost the weekend, can I get a woohoo?!? 

1.  My next half marathon is in 10 days!  I’m getting really excited.  This race is going to be great.  While the course is not that “scenic” it is pancake flat.  I’ve got a few goals for this race … but I’m going to wait to talk about those until next week. 

2.  Is it some type of Murphy’s Law that states anytime you have plans or want to get out of work on time … you end up having to stay late?  Or does that only happen to me.  I’m not really complaining because I love my new job (and I’m extremely happy to be working again) … but it’s just a strange phenomenon that has happened to me twice in the past two weeks.  Does that ever happen to you?

3.  Remember a few weeks ago when I was talking about my pants and shopping for new ones for my new job?  Well, it turns out that I can wear jeans!  So, I returned half of the new pants I bought and I mix up my wardrobe with jeans, khakis, and black pants.  I’ll start adding in some skirts and dresses during the warmer months too.  My credit card was very happy that I made those returns especially after two expensive vet visits over the weekend for three sick animals.  (The dogs went on Saturday for a slew of reasons and then the cat ended up having to go on Sunday evening for worms).   


Some updates:

Linus is adapting well and the other pets are adapting to him also.  He is going to need a lot of training and work but we are happy that he is apart of our family.  He gets to go for his first walk tonight! 

Lucy’s walking streak ended last Tuesday (the day we brought Linus home).  I got home from work with minutes to spare before having to leave for our group run and when we got home there was just too much going on with the new puppy.  Then she came down with Kennel Cough.  I really miss walking her each day :(

I have skipped several days of core and leg workouts (part of my March Goals) but my Plank-a-day streak is still going as well as my walk or run 1 mile a day streak. 


What are your plans for the weekend?  After two busy weekends in a row … this weekend I’m looking forward to my last long run before my next half marathon and then spending some time at home relaxing, cleaning, organizing, and blog reading! 


giraffy said...

Woohooo for a casual office!!!

This weekend: My first 16 miler. Yikes.

christa said...

My new job is casual too. I love it!! I'm running a 10k this weekend. And a half in 3 weeks!

Maureen said...

I love that I can wear jeans to work too! Score!

We'll be running our halfs on the same day! I'll be cheering you on in my head!!!

ajh said...

Wearing jeans at work is the best. Friday is my jeans day and I'm always a happier person in them.