Thursday, March 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Race Goals

I’m running a half marathon this weekend!  I’m really excited for this race.  It’s local (starting line is less than 1 mile from my house); it’s the inaugural race; it’s flat; I know a lot of people running it; they got awesome sponsors and lots of post race fun going on; my running coaches are apart of the race committee and very involved in the race; it’s projected to SELL OUT :)

Race Goals:

  1. Have fun, thank the volunteers, and enjoy the race!
  2. 2:30 finish or 11:30 overall average
  3. Race smart, pick up the pace when I can, fuel early and often, and give it all I have :)

2.  Sciatica

Now that I’ve shared my race goals … I guess now would be a good time to discuss my worries.  Last Friday at work I got a shooting pain down my right leg that forced me out of my chair to stretch.  I knew immediately that it was sciatica related.  After a few minutes of standing and stretching it went away.  I ran that night (5.12 miles in 54:33, 10:39 avg) and felt fine.  On Saturday during my long run (10 miles in 1:44:36, 10:27 avg) my right hip was tight as well as my right hamstring.  After the run (I really pushed the pace and surprised myself with my overall average) and some stretching/relaxing I felt better.  I skipped my planned recovery run the next day and on Tuesday I had more hip tightness and some tightness in my right groin.  For the last several days I’ve woken up in the morning with lower back pain.  As I sit here writing this post I am having some tightness in my right hip.  I’ve been doing lots of stretching and using The Stick, Foam Roller, and my tennis ball (on the sciatica nerve/piriformis).  This is all too familiar.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m worried.

3.  Streaking

I’ve lost some of my momentum and motivation for my monthly challenges.  I’ve kept my Plank-a-day streak going but I’ve slacked off on the leg and core workouts as well as my PT Exercises (not good considering #2 above) and cross training (I’ve only been to the gym once since I started my new job).  Also, my “walk or run at least 1 mile a day” streak that I started on 12.31.11 ended after after 86 days and 358.68 miles.  While I would have loved to keep my run/walk streak going it just wasn’t realistic any longer :(


What’s on your mind today?


Darlene said...

Good luck on your half this weekend. Hope you meet all your goals (& your back problem is not a reality).

RainStorm said...

86 days is an amazing streak! You should be very proud :)

Good luck on the half marathon :)

Suz and Allan said...

Good luck on the half marathon! That sounds like a dream having the start line only a mile from your house.

Fruit Fly said...

Have a fabulous time during your race. Hopefully the leg behaves itself and you meet your goal!

I find that before big races I ALWAYS feel injured and am sure it will be a disaster... then miracles happen and I'm fine. Maybe that will be the case with you, too!