Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Recap {02/27-03/04}

Well, I skipped Spin Boot Camp on Tuesday because my hamstrings were still really sore from the previous week.  Then I skipped (regular) Spin Class on Thursday because my right achilles was sore and tingly. 

For our Tuesday night group workout with our training group we did a “tempo” run of 3 miles.  I started with my running friend and fellow training group member Veronica but she switched to a run/walk after about a mile.  I ended up running a “progression” run instead of a tempo.  I finished 3 miles in less than 29 minutes and that sparked an interest in me to aim for a 5k PR at my 5k race on Saturday. 

On Wednesday I woke up to rain and knew that if I didn’t run first thing in the morning I probably wouldn’t so I headed out for my first solo pre-dawn run!  It was a little creepy at first but I quickly got into a groove and daybreak started about half way through the run.  Surprisingly I felt good after a speedy run the night before.

Friday morning the husband woke me up at 4:22 AM and we headed out for a early morning 6 miler just before 5 AM.  It was much less creepy to run in the pre-dawn with the husband by my side.  We ran a new route that he had ran the day before {when he did 13.1 miles before work!!!}.  I think we might be doing early morning runs more often on Friday’s now that I’m headed back to work :)

Saturday was the 2nd in the 4 part series of the Elk Grove Fun Run 5k’s for 2012.  The husband headed out for 12 miles pre-race so we met at the race location.  After my speedy run on Tuesday I decided to try for a PR and I was able to shave 12 seconds off my previous 5k PR from last September!  {Race recap to come this week!}  After the race we {the husband and I} headed back out for some extra mileage {5.5 miles} with our running buddy Kat :)

I skipped a “recovery” run on Sunday morning with the husband and Lucy because my quads were super sore from the 5k.  I also skipped the gym all week {FAIL} and my PT Exercises on Monday.  There was a lot of good runs this week but a lot of skipped cross training :(

This week marked the end of February and my Daily Pushups Challenge {I completed all 29 days!} and the beginning of March.  With a new month comes new challenges.  This month I’m going to be doing the Dr. Oz’s 7 Days of Belly Workouts challenge and a March Madness Leg Challenge.  I’ll also be continuing Plank-a-day and doing pushups and my PT Exercises three times per week.  I don’t know if you noticed yet but I LOVE CHALLENGES :)

I linked all my workouts to my Daily Mile logs if you really want to read about them. Are we friends on Daily Mile yet?!?

Weekly Recap {02.27.12 – 03.04.12}

Monday 02.27

Walk:  1.64/33:10

Plank-a-day #58 + Pushups Day 27

Tuesday 02.28

Run – Group Workout:  3.0/28:45/9:34 {tempo progression run}

Walk:  1.80/33:33

Plank-a-day #59 + Pushups Day 28

Wednesday 02.29

Run:  3.77/41:16/10:57 {1st solo pre-dawn run}

Plank-a-day #60 + Pushups Day 29 + PT Exercises

Thursday 03.01

Walk:  1.83/35:31

Plank-a-day #60, Dr. Oz’s 7 Days of Belly Workouts, March Madness Leg Challenge

Bonus:  4 pushups on my TOES

Friday 03.02

Run:  6.0/1:06:45/11:07 avg {pre-dawn run with the husband}
Warm-up:  0.23/5:27 + Cool Down:  0.22/4:24

Walk:  1.79/35:03

Plank-a-day #61, Dr. Oz’s 7 Days of Belly Workouts, March Madness Legs Workout, Pushups, PT Exercises

Saturday 03.03

5k Race {Garmin Results}:  3.15/27:33/8:44 avg {PR – race recap to come}

Run:  5.50/1:03:04/11:28 avg {post race with the husband & running buddy Kat}

Walk:  1.03/21:07

Plank-a-day #62 + Dr. Oz’s 7 Days of Belly Workouts

Sunday 03.04

Walk:  1.03/22:18

Plank-a-day #63 + Dr. Oz’s 7 Days of Belly Workouts + March Madness Legs Workout

Total = 30.99

Running = 21.42 {# of runs = 4}
Walking = 9.57


giraffy said...

Oh, wow!! Congrats on the pr, I can't wait to read the recap!!!

Ali Mc said...

WOOOHOOOO! PR;s! pushup challenges! not to mention all those planks I've seen on DM - you are HARDCORE :)

Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on the PR and an amazing week of workouts!