Saturday, April 7, 2012

Regular blog posting? What’s that?

Oh, hi.  I have a blog?  Yikes.  It’s just one more thing that’s been getting swept under the rug lately.  I am determined to get back into the groove of things sooner rather than later.  I miss blogging!  I have been catching up on my Google Reader lately during my lunch break via the iPhone but I’ve still got over 800 unread items.  Eeeek!

Let’s see … here some randomness, bullet point style:

    • Weekly recaps?  Hmmm.  Maybe.
    • Monthly recaps?  More likely.
    • Race Recap?  Definitely, but probably not for a few more days.


  • I love my new job.  I just completed the first stage of my formal training and I am slowly being assigned more work.  I start the next stage of training next week. 


  • I am having a harder time than I anticipated getting into a groove with my schedule and finding the right balance for everything.


  • My motivation is seriously lacking lately.  I’ve only been to the gym once since I started back to work and this week I noticed that I didn’t even have the motivation to run.  Hmph.  My goal for next week is to get back to the gym and to give myself, and my motivation, a swift kick in the behind! 


  • I don’t really feel like I’ve had much to share lately.  This past couple of weeks were quite a roller coaster.  Unfortunately the new puppy, Linus, didn’t transition well into our little family.  He had a lot of separation issues and possessive issues.  Our older puppy, Lucy, was starting to regress more and more and we finally had to make the hard decision to take Linus back to the shelter and surrender him.  It was a sad, emotional day.  He has since been re-adopted, hopefully into a family that will have the time to dedicate to him and help him with his behavioral problems.  That decision was one of the hardest decisions we have ever made.


  • That last one is a doozie.  I still cry when I mention it. 


  • I ran a half marathon PR … what’s next?  Well … I’ve got a little 10.6 race on 4/29 in BIG SUR with my buddy Kat while the husband runs the full marathon.  Hill training starts next week.  After that SF Marathon training will officially begin, and hill training will continue, and in mid-May I’ll be running another half marathon in Lodi wine country at Woodbridge Winery.


  • I was serious about my conservative half marathon goals for last weeks race.  But once I got going I just got caught up and decided to go for it.  I am proud of myself and I have spent the last week recovering since everything was achy and sore from running that fast after not really training to run that fast.


  • My job has a “cake day” on the last day of the month, each month.  A local bakery caters it and brings in cakes for the whole company.  It the companies way of celebrating service anniversaries and employee birthdays for the month.  Last week was my first cake day.  I was very excited!


I’ve got another busy weekend this weekend.  We are spending today with my MIL, whom we haven’t seen in two months even though she only lives 1 mile away.  Tomorrow we’ll be going to Easter Sunday church service at the new church we’ve been attending for the last few months and then spending the afternoon/evening with my FIL.  Somewhere in there will be meal planning and grocery shopping and laundry washing.  Boring.

What are your Easter plans (or weekend plans if you don’t celebrate the holiday)?

Also, how about a big SHOUT OUT to the racers at the AR50 today!  SO exciting.  The husband ran the last half of the course backwards yesterday as a training run with his Big Sur running buddies.  He said it was a lot of fun, and super challenging, and that he has a new appreciation for ultra runners (I can’t wait for him to run his first ultra in August!).


RainStorm said...

So sorry to hear about the puppy. Sounds like you made the right (although sad) decision.

And you'll get sorted into a routine soon enough :)

I'm going to try and catch a church service tomorrow, but it won't be at my regular church. It's a busy week!

That Pink Girl said...

I'm so sorry about Linus. :0(
And sugar, I've been there with a reader that has exploded. Just "mark all as read." Do it. It will be a breath of fresh air!

christa said...

Sorry about the dog...
Glad the job is going well..
Cake day sounds awesome...
I too have been a slacker blogger

JenWa098 said...

I have a terrible time blogging. I love it, I just can't find the time, really.

I wish we had a cake day!

I had to surrender a cat once. We adopted her (I thought adopting an adult cat was a great idea) and the first 3 months were great, then she decided she had to try to kill my other cat. We tried everything, cat hormone air freshners, (expensive) seperate rooms (lonely), pouring tuna all over each other. (Yes, I did that.) Finally, I realized it was too much. I was embarassed and so sad because I really did love the cat, she just had this agressive side and needed to be an only cat. I was afraid the HS would never let me adopt again, but a year later I brought home our dog Dean...and he fits right in. So maybe someday when some time has passed you will find a better match.

ajh said...

Seriously I want to work for a company that has a cake day!

Sorry about the puppy. We had to give a cat back once mostly because of our other cat.

Suz and Allan said...

I'm sorry that Linus didn't work out! I know how heartbreaking that can be.

Cake day sounds amazing! Makes me want to bake a cake tonight!