Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SFM Training Plan {2012}

This week marked the start of my official training for The San Francisco Marathon on July 29th.  I’ve got a solid base built up and the next 13 weeks will focus on building my long run mileage and prepping for my 2nd full marathon.  I feel like I been “in training” for 26.2 for a long time.  Last summer I started training for CIM 2011 but ended up with a stress fracture and not able to run the race.  I have been looking forward to running another marathon for over a year and I can’t wait for July. 

Some of my training goals for the next 13 weeks include dropping the few pounds I’ve gained the last two months, regular cross training (hopefully 2 days per week), sticking to my training plan (5 days a week of running) while remaining flexible (when needed), training smart and listening to my body. 

I’ll be running the SFM with the husband and my running buddy Kat.  SFM will be the husbands 4th marathon and it will be the 2nd for both me and Kat.  I’m still seeking marathon redemption from CIM 2010 and Kat is seeking redemption from CIM 2011.  My friend Leo will also be running SFM for his 2nd marathon.  Not to mention all the bloggy buddies that will be at SFM (Giraffy, Aron, LB --- who else is planning on being there?).  My goal is to finish strong (unlike CIM 2010), crossing the finish line with the husband (unlike CIM where there are separate male and female finishing lines), with an overall pace around 11:30 (for a finishing time around 5:01). 

My training plan has me running 5 days a week.  SFM is a hilly course so I’ve got hill repeats planned once a week and most (if not all) of my long runs will be on rolling hills and/or trails.  In addition to hill repeats and long runs I’ve got one easy run day, one tempo day, and one recovery run day.  I’ll be running my tempo runs with the husband and my goal is to build my endurance, and speed, so my tempo pace goal is between 10-10:30.  Thankfully I found my lost running mojo when I was in Big Sur running along the California Coastline with Kat and I’m ready to hit the ground running for this training cycle. 

sfm training plan

Updated 05.08.12

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